Yuya Tokuda gives information on what can we do in Monster Hunter World That We Can’t do in The Beta

Monster Hunter World

Soon Monster Hunter World will release on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, after doing the beta test 3 times, Capcom Director Yuya Tokuda provide an information on Playstation Blog on what can we do in Monster Hunter World that we can’t do in the beta

“Hello hunters! This is Yuya Tokuda, director of Monster Hunter: World. As I write, we have just wrapped up the third beta test of the game on PlayStation 4, where we added the terrifying Nergigante. Did you get a chance to take him on? How did you fare? He’s a pretty tough cookie, but I’ve seen plenty of great players take him down! And if you didn’t manage to defeat him, don’t worry – in the main game you’ll be able to craft your own gear and take him on again!”

With much enthusiasm, Yuya Tokuda greet fans of Monster Hunter on the Playstation blog, so what can we do when the game has been released following the information given by the director of Capcom?

  • Customise your character and cat
  • Craft items, ​​weapons and armour
  • Explore ​​the Research Commission HQ
  • Explore the game’s maps without a time limit
  • Join a Gathering Hub

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