Why Mobile Gaming is more interesting?


The video game industry is changing over time. In the 90s, we are still playing with gameboy and tamagotchi. Then the players were greeted with fun things like Playstation, Xbox.

In the long term these companies hold a strong place in video game industry, releasing a wide selection of games with good graphic and varied versions of the latest console competition.

But lately, mobile games have competed in the gaming industry. Currently mobile games have accounted for about 40% of the video game market and by 2020 are expected to account for half of the game industry’s overall market.

mobile games

Let’s take a look at Angry Birds, even though it have been released for 9 years, the download of this game still flows to more than 3.7 billion downloads.

“The Asian market is having a big effect on the West. The first device they go to for games is mobile, whereas in the West it’s traditionally been console and PC.” -Craig Chapple, senior editor of Pocket Gamer.

Mobile games that are currently popular are Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It’s just released in 2016 and this game has reached the range of 50 million – 100 million downloads in the Android Play Store. In addition, this game has held major tournaments with many countries participating. And who does not know Clash of Clans? This game earns $ 5m per day!

The player says that, it’s not all about graphic, its more about the ease of filling free time. If we want to play mobile games, just turn on the phone and no need to worry on missing calls if there is an important issue. No need to carry a large gaming device because mobile games are inside the things we carry everyday.

What do you think? Are you one of the mobile game players?