What’s new in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition?


Street Fighter may have to try hard to satisfy its diverse fans. However, Street Fighter V which was released in 2016 and almost make all fans disappointed. The lack of story mode or arcade mode makes many players wonder why are they buying this game for $60.

After getting a disappointing response, CAPCOM is trying to give a new twist to this game. 12 DLC characters were issued plus three-hours story mode to entertain disappointed fans.

At first CAPCOM intends to include all content in this game for free and no need to spend extra money to buy another version of this game. But then CAPCOM gives you two choices: buy the character with money or you can play some challanges or matches and earn points to get those characters.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is finally released by CAPCOM as the last package that is expected to heal all the disappointment of Streer Fighter fans. New skill on every character, arcade mode, and better visual delivers what was expected several years ago.

Arcade Edition gives players the opportunity to get all the content for free for those who already have the original version of this game, and provides a number of new features and free access to the first two-season of DLC.

What is new in Street Fighter V?

Street Fighter V gives you one of the Street Fighter III skills, Critical Arts, which is used to provide special movements and super combos. This skill is is called a V-Gauge that will be gained when you give and take damage and can also be used to activate three new techniques: V-Skills, V-Reversals, and V-Triggers.

  • V-Skills

V-Skills will require V-Gauge when used, and each character will have different V-Gauge requirements. V-Skills will often be used to block attacks or expand your movements..

  • V-Reversals

V-Reversals is a counter attack.

  • V-Triggres

V-Triggres is a movement that will use the entire V-Gauge and do things like increase your strength (in a short time), perform a typical attack, or perform specific abilities of each character.

When you start playing this game, you will see the changes. It starts from Ryu strong tactic moves and the return of Kokosho Chun-Li’s movement.

Also there are additional modes and features such as user-interface and art gallery. Bonus stages were also present with some remixed soundtrack and secret boss. The biggest change is the addition of V-Trigger on each character.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Season three character DLC will be available next week introducing a more mature Sakura as the opener. We can also see Sakura V-skill, Haru Kaze, a leap that can quickly put you in front of opponents and provide many combo opportunities.

Street Fighter V update may be perfect enough to attract new Street Fighter fans or to keep the loyal fans of the games.

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