Valve Opens To A Proposal For Dota Pro Circuit Tournaments Next Season

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Valve has announced some info about Dota Pro Circuit plans next season. Right now they are requesting any organizations who are interested in hosting a Major or Minor in Fall 2018 for their proposals.

Looking at the announcement, Valve is planning to support three Major tournaments in the next Fall season. It seems that Valve wants to spread the Majors evenly throughout the next season. In the current season we have two Majors in Fall and there are three Majors stacked at the end right before The International.


Valve preferred Grand Final dates for the three Majors are planned to land on October 20–21, November 17-18, December 15-16. But they said that those dates are not hard requirements for the organizers so the dates might change according to the proposal that pass their review.

Valve is also stepping up the rules for the Major tournaments, now Major needs to be 16-team tournaments. Some of the Majors in this season only have 8 teams competing, it feel small and doesn’t feel like a Major at all. This upgrade is great both for the pro teams and viewers. Pro teams get more chance to gain circuit points and viewers can enjoy more matches of course.

Dota Pro Circuit

Image courtesy Wykrhm Reddy

There is no detail info for the Minor tournaments. With events being planned far in advance I hope that Valve and the organizers are able to fix the schedule so it doesn’t clash with each others. Check out the official announcement from Valve here