Valve Akhirnya Mengklarifikasi Penghilangan Steam Machine pada Steam

Steam Machine

Setelah menghilangkan Steam Machine pada Steam beberapa waktu lalu tanpa alasan, membuat banyak orang berfikir bahwa Steam Machine memiliki sedikit peminat. Namun akhirnya Valve memberikan klarifikasi melalui Steamcommunity mengenai penghilangan Steam Machine pada Steam.

While it’s true Steam Machines aren’t exactly flying off the shelves, our reasons for striving towards a competitive and open gaming platform haven’t significantly changed. We’re still working hard on making Linux operating systems a great place for gaming and applications. We think it will ultimately result in a better experience for developers and customers alike, including those not on Steam.

Through the Steam Machine initiative, we’ve learned quite a bit about the state of the Linux ecosystem for real-world game developers out there. We’ve taken a lot of feedback and have been heads-down on addressing the shortcomings we observed. We think an important part of that effort is our ongoing investment in making Vulkan a competitive and well-supported graphics API, as well as making sure it has first-class support on Linux platforms.

Recently we announced Vulkan availability for macOS and iOS, adding to its existing availability for Windows and Linux. We also rolled out Steam Shader Pre-Caching, which will let users of Vulkan-based applications skip shader compilation on their local machine, significantly improving initial load times and reducing overall runtime stuttering in comparison with other APIs. We’ll be talking more about Shader Pre-Caching in the coming months as the system matures.


Jadi teman-teman, kesimpulannya bahwa Steam Machine bukanlah mundur dari perindustrian game melainkan sedang dikembangkan lagi oleh Valve dari segi dalamnya mulai dari Operating System Linuxnya hingga bagaimana nantinya membuat pengalaman bermain kalian menjadi lebih baik dan mantap. Kita tunggu saja bagaimana kabar selanjutnya!