Those Who Remain, a Psychological Thriller Coming to Your PS4


Today PlayStation reveals the announcement trailer for their new adventure-psychological thriller game, Those Who Remain.

“Our new game is called Those Who Remain. It’s been in production for about a year, and is scheduled for release later in 2018. It’s been a long way, and the time has finally come to show the world what we’ve been doing.” -Co-Founder & Producer, Camel 101

Those Who Remain is a psychological thriller game that tells the story of a remote place in the US, Dormont. Dormont is a beautiful place just like any other city, but all of that changed when the city was cursed by demons and now the city is covered in darkness. Half of the residents are trapped and there is no way out.

Then, Edward Turner, an ordinary man who wants to forget his past travels and arrives at Dormont. At first he didn’t know about the incident, but over time he felt there was something wrong at Dormont.

Those Who Remain

When night comes, strange creatures will roam around, killing people who approach it. The only way to survive is to stay near the light. There is a portal that emits light that connects our world with another dimension. Like a reflection, whatever we do will also happen in that dimension.

Those Who Remain

“We’re taking great care to create a gripping narrative; without spoiling anything, we’ll just say that a kid — a victim of bullying because she’s different — is at the center of the story. A tragedy occurs, followed by a series of unfortunate events, and a series of bad choices eventually leads the main character to Dormont.” -Co-Founder & Producer, Camel 101

The preview above seems to give a little clue of what exactly you will do in the game. You will be given several choices while playing to direct you to what story line will you go through, so the action you choose will affect the ending of this game.

This gameame developed by Camel101 will be released this year, in addition to Playstation 4 you can also play it on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and your PC!