The Evil Within 2 Gets A First Person Mode, Rocket League Tournaments Overwatch and More!


Hey it’s our Highlight news for today, it features The Evil Within 2, Galaxy on Fire, Rocket League, Fortnite, and Overwatch, you can either read this article or watch our video in below, Enoy!

The Evil Within 2 Gets a First-Person Mode on Its Latest Update

The Evil Within 2

Prepare yourself to feel the real atmosphere in the Union when you save Lily! Survival horror game The Evil Within 2 previously used a third-person perspective, and now Bethesda and Tango Gameworks give you the latest update to play this game in first-person mode.

This mode have been eagerly awaited by the players, because other games such as Outlast, Amnesia, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard has been successful with the first-person mode because it adds more tension when playing. You can get the updates now on the platform you use!

Galaxy on Fire, This iOS – Android Game Will Arrive on Your Nintendo Switch

galaxy on fire

Deep Silver announced that they will bring their sci-fi game on Nintendo Switch under a different name, Manticore – Galaxy on Fire.

You will play in the Neox Sector as a pilot and investigate an intergalactic conspiracy, you will save the affected galaxy from “The Shattering”, which causes much suffering in this sector, against space pirates, mercenary outfits rivals, cunning mining companies and 30 bosses in front of it. You can enjoy this adventure on March 22!

Welcome to Rocket League Tournaments!

rocket league

Again, Psyonix are making their fans happy. After yesterday they announced their partnership with Hot Wheels to create RC toy set, now Rocket League Tournaments is finally announced.

The Rocket League will start a Beta Tournament in Steam that allows players to make or enter competitions that already held. The Beta will start on February 21st until February 23rd. To enter the Beta, you can simply change the game mode through the Properties tab of your Steam Rocket League.

PS4, Switch and Xbox One users don’t have to worry, Tournaments will be available on all platforms in Rocket League Spring Update in March or April! Thanks Psyonix!

New Patch Is Live on the Overwatch PTR. Three Heroes Are Buffed


It should be noted that this patch is still in the development stage. Ammo recovery rate from Doomfist’s Hand Cannon gets increased to 0.65 seconds per bullet so Doomfist can use his weapons when doing combo consistently. Also, the slow duration of May’s Endothermic Blaster gets increased to 1.5 seconds to help him freeze elusive target.

Sombra gets some buff, but there is one buff that seems pretty strong. Sombra can see the enemy through the wall if their health is less than 100% with Opportunist. Imagine how much information you can get with this ability!

You can try this patch in PTR (Public Test Region) since 14 February but this feature is only available for Overwatch player on PC. You can check this patch completely here.

Epic Games Scraps Their Plan on Offering the Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 3 Battle Pass as Real Money Purchase

Fortnite via their twitter account announced that Battle Pass Season 3 for Battle Royale mode will be launched at 950 V-Bucks. At the beginning of the Battle Pass Season 2 launch, they say that in the future Battle Pass can only be purchased with real money but it looks like they scrapped the plan.

Basically you still have to spend money indirectly, because to get V-Bucks in the game you have to play Save the World mode that can only be played if you pay the early access.

Another way to get V-Bucks is to buy it directly with money. So in conclusion, you still have to spend money if you want to get the Fortnite: Battle Royale Battle Pass. What a bummer.