Team Secret Is Your Captains Draft 4.0 Winner



Team Secret beat Vici Gaming 3 – 2 in an incredibly tight series. Despite showing poor results by only winning one game at the group stage, Team Secret are able to play well in the playoff beating Evil Geniuses 2 – 1, Mineski 2 – 0, and eventually winning the Captains Draft 4 tournament by beating Vici Gaming in the grand final.

Image courtesy of Liquipedia

Winning Captains Draft is not an easy task, the draft phase is different compared to the usual Captains Mode. The game starts with a random pool of 27 heroes. The captain start off by banning 3 heroes each and then they move on to drafting heroes for their team. Which team picks and bans first is random and each team has only a total of 180 seconds to make all of their picks and bans. It’s challenging for the captain of each team to make the draft works from the limited hero pool and the players might have to play with heroes they rarely play.

Team Secret

Image courtesy of Wykrhm Reddy

Team Secret secured $108.000 prize money and 150 circuit point after the win. This put them further away from their competitors with 4140 circuit point. Closest team to catch up with Team Secret were Team Liquid with 2700 circuit point and Virtus Pro with 2697 circuit point. Check out the Dota 2 Pro Circuit Standings here

Captains Draft 4.0 results:

1st place: Team Secret – $108,000 + 150 DPC Points
2nd place: Vici Gaming – $69,000 + 90 DPC Points
3rd or 4th place: Evil Geniuses – $37,500 + 30 DPC Points