Stunning Views from Shadow of the Colossus Photo Mode

Shadow of the Colossus

One of the greatest games of all time is getting rebuilt for PS4. Bluepoint Games and JAPAN Studio are remaking Shadow of the Colossus from the ground up to allow unparalleled visual fidelity and improved performance.

The development of the remake has been running for more than a year and today Bluepoint Games has revealed the Photo Mode function on Shadow of the Colossus. Photo Mode allows player to take their favorite moment on the game and the beauty of nature that the game offers.

As we rebuilt the visuals for the game from the ground up (literally), one of the things we decided we had to include was a Photo Mode. We found ourselves spending more and more time with Photo Mode as the system took shape, grabbing photos we thought captured moments that were unique and awe-inspiring

Everything that I had access to as the Art Director, you have access to as the player. You can start with a filter and adjust all the way down to color balancing the shadows, midtones and highlights. Then on top of that, control the depth of field ranges and amounts, in addition to the vignette” – Mark Skelton, Bluepoint Games Art Director

Player have a lot of control and flexibility with the Photo Mode, they can add filters, control the depth of field, rotate the camera 90 degrees, switch the camera view from other objects, and more. I am pretty sure players will spend more time messing with Photo Mode rather than finishing the game. Here are some of the photos that Bluepoint team captured during development

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Shadow of the Colossus will be released for PS4 on February 6. You can pre-order game on PlayStation website.