Square Enix Showcase Tomoki Miyoshi Soundtrack on Latest Lost Sphear Trailer

Lost Sphear

Square Enix just shared Lost Sphear latest trailer, different from before, this time Square Enix showcased the soundtrack created by young musician Tomoki Miyoshi.

Accompanied with piano melodies along with multiple gameplay scene and the views of Lost Sphear world, it really attract players to instantly buy the game. Previously Tomoki Miyoshi also became a composer on the game I am Setsuna who get a lot of praise for his perfect soundtrack.

Lost Sphear is a game developed by Tokyo RPG Factory and published by Square Enix. This game tells about a young man who experienced a phenomenon that he had never seen. He has to face an unfavorable force and very contrary to reality. He must restore his memory to save the world.

this game has been released in Japan. Lost Sphear will be released in the West on January 23, 2018 on PS4, Switch, and Steam.