SONY Are Looking For Beta Tester To Test Their New PS4 Software Update


After SONY did a PS4 software update to version 5.0 called “Nobunaga” in October, this time SONY announced the recruitment to become a tester on the newest software 5.50. Looking at the name it seems that the update is relatively small.

Nobunaga has previously updated a number of features on the PS4 such as overhauled family system, improved friend management that allows us to follow someone, enhanced broadcast features, messages and notifications, team tournaments, virtual surround sound for the PlayStation VR and more.


The registration to become a beta tester is limited to a few regions like Japan, North America / Canada and Europe. Beta testing is scheduled to start on February, in Japan the registration ends on 23 January 2018.


For those of you who have signed up, you will get an exclusive avatar from Playstation Network. If you are interested, you can visit the page below and sign up to be a beta tester for PS4 5.50!