Rust Is Leaving Early Access, Price Goes up to $34.99


It took them 4 years to finally leave early access. But it doesn’t mean that Rust is finished yet. Announced in an official blog post they are planing to leave Early Access on the 8th February 2018.

Please try not to compare the game to some other finished game or some idealised version you have in your head. Compare the game now to how it was when we entered Early Access. That’s the delta that we feel qualifies us to leave Early Access” Garry Newman wrote on the blog post.

The purpose of leaving early access is to make a stable development that is not rushed or ends up breaking something else. The developer also promises to release monthly updates, this will be done by setting up two different version of the game. One is the stable version which is the common version that everyone plays. The other is called Staging which is basically a public test server.

Newman explains that “The Staging version has all of our latest changes, but might have bugs. The Release version is the most stable version – and at any one time should be the most bug free

The price will also see an increase from $19.99 USD to $34.99 USD. Newman said that this was always the deal and this is one of the main reasons they decided to post this blog.