Rocket League Confirms Cross-Play Support Will Come This Year

Rocket League

After a long wait, Psyonix finally leaked out the cross-play support for Rocket League. As we know, this game has not been able to give us a chance to play with different platforms, but all of this is likely to change in future update this year. Psyonix may have many new things like tournaments and features that have been planned. They have repeatedly made statements in several interviews but it doesn’t look promising.

A fan finally asked directly on this matter to the Rocket League official Twitter Account,

They do not specify the exact date when the crossplay feature will be released, however this is a great relief, may not necessarily be for SONY. But surely they have negotiated so that this can work on the Playstation 4. Who cares, many players will be satisfied because eventually they can form a team and play together with friends from different platforms and SONY should support the players’ requests.

While we are waiting for this to come true, you can enjoy Rocket League and raise your skills to prepare for matches between future platforms, maybe. Currently Rocket League is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.