Firefox Quantum, Mozilla  Newest Browser Faster and Lighter Than Before

Mozilla has just released the latest version of their flagship browser under the name of Firefox Quantum. Firefox Quantum is created using a new engine designed to optimize browser performance in terms of speed and memory usage. Mozilla claims that their browsers are now twice as fast as before and are also 30% lighter than their rival browsers Google Chrome.

Based on the tests conducted by Mozilla on September 19, 2017 using Surface Laptop with Intel Core i7, 8GB Memory, and 256GB storage, Quantum Firefox consistently performs twice as fast compared to the previous versions of Firefox.

Firefox Quantum

In terms of memory usage, compared to Google Chrome. While both Firefox and Chrome now run using multiple processes, Firefox does some things differently to avoid using up your computer’s limited memory says Ryan Pollock the Firefox Quantum Product Marketer. Chrome uses a separate content process and engine for each website instance, but Firefox reuses processes and engines to limit memory usage.

The Increased speed and low memory usage provided by Firefox Quantum could potentially shifted Google Chrome’s position as the netizen’s favorite browser. Check out the Firefox fresh new look here: