ps vita

Sony just released a video campaign for its users in Japan. The video contains ads that show the function of PS Vita that is similar to the Nintendo Switch. Now people can play PS4 from their PS Vita through streaming.

Actually this Remote Play feature has been around for a long time but not all games can use Remote Play and this feature requires a fast internet connection, plus the number of bugs that exist when using Remote Play. Let’s wait for the reaction of Sony customers in Japan regarding this Remote Play feature similar to the Nintendo Switch, playing the game with PS4 quality but on the PS Vita handheld.

ps vita

It is not without a reason that Sony provides this feature. In Japan Nintendo Switch sales are higher than the Playstation 4 due to the portable features of the Nintendo Switch. Customers in Japan prefer to play games on handheld consoles because it is more practical and can be taken anywhere.

Surely this feature update makes PS Vita and PS4 users happy, and can make potential buyers convinced to buy PS4 and Vita. Popular game in Japan Dragon Quest XI will be released on Nintendo Switch too, with the presence of Remote Play feature PS4 and PS Vita users can play this game in their console or handheld just like Nintendo Switch.

Here is a video trailer of Remote Play along with the tutorial