Prepare Yourself For Battlefield 1 Apocalypse


Apocalypse, the next DLC from Battlefield 1, will be coming next month with five map and the latest game modes that centers on the aerial combat. Some new features also appear like Service Assignments, Specializations, and Dog Tags that will add to the list of challenges you should do. Battlefield 1 also introduced some new things like afflictions that make game mode much more difficult.

Battlefield 1

“For pro players keen to show their skill in any situation, Afflictions will hamper your soldier in various ways. Activate ‘Mortality’ to lose 200 score for each respawn, or challenge yourself with ‘Paranoia’ and play with the Gas Mask on constantly,” DICE

The terrifying Passchendaele, an Austro-Italian clash on Caporetto that gave the feel of a battle in World War 1 when you compete for territory, as well as the River Somme grain fields will be mixed with infantry battles and multiple new vehicles.

Battlefield 1 Apocalypse

While two other maps London Calling and Razor’s Edge are specially made so that you can conquer the sky of Battlefield 1 in Air Assault mode. Not just maps, additional vehicles, weapons, and some gadgets are also included in upcoming updates. Six new weapons including Assault Class’s AA Rocket Gun that wrecks your enemy aircraft will also be present this time.

If you have a Premium Pass, you can get premium access trials in February. Here is all you need for Battlefield 1 Apocalypse:

  • Battlefield 1 for applicable platform
  • Internet connection
  • EA Account
  • For console players, an Xbox Live Gold or Playstation Plus account

*Limitied free trial. Gameplay progress and experience points and/or any other value or status indicators achieved in the trial will transfer to Battlefield 1 main game only upon purchase of Battlefield 1 premium pass.