Out of Nowhere Nintendo Uploads Tiny Metal Trailer, What’s Going On?

tiny metal

Classical Japanese war game, Tiny Metal, finally get its trailer on Nintendo Switch. Actually this game has been released and can be played since December 2017, but surprisingly Nintendo just gave its trailer on February 2018, which is actually a long delay since the release date.

Many thought that maybe Nintendo didn’t achieve the sales target and some also tries to link it with Project Phoenix. But it does not rule out that there will be something else that is presented by Nintendo.

Tiny Metal tells a story of a war led by Artemisian Lieutenant, Nathan Gries that tries to bring glory to the nation of Zipang. This game requires you to calculate every step taken to cruise through the battlefields, attack positions, and war and defense strategies. This game got a lot of awards, and also a praise from Taro Yoko “… This is good.”

You can see the trailer below. This trailer is not a new trailer because it had previously been broadcasted by this game developer last year. You can play Tiny Metal on PlayStation 4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.