Sony’s back to show us their new video games trailers at Paris Games Weeks, and it made many people to just want this year to end, because all the games that made people jump around are released next year, sad. Well that’s normal because Sony’s exclusive video games are always what people waiting for.

We also have list of games our choice, what we think is the candidate for the Game of the Year 2018, let’s check out the list

Detroit: Become Human



The first choice is Detroit: Become Human, the newest trailer of this game manage to stole many gamers hearts, seeing from how much Like the trailer viedo got, this game has a theme of Action-Adventure with timeline choices, where our choice and decision are what determine the story is going, so there’s many outcomes, which is simillar like Telltale Games, but we have a feeling that Detroit: Become Human will be a lot bigger in term of content and the experience of the game itself, there are some main character that we’ll use later. The newest trailer of Detroit: Become Human is enlighten us on the core gameplay of the game itself, so enjoy!


Monster Hunter World



It has been a while since one of Capcom’s IP Monster Hunter come to Sony Playstation, now they have come again and it’s a new installment called Monster Hunter World. There are some changes that implemented in this new installment, but the most notable one are the theme of the map navigation itself, where the predecessor rely on area by area navigation now in Monster Hunter World we have “open world”. This change made the MH world became bigger and more dynamic. No more loading screen while area transition, or players to thrown out the area because of got pushed by monster attack. More over, player also can interacting with the environment, hunter can use the bushes to avoid monsters vision or swinging on tree to other tree for a movement, these are good features that players waiting for.

God of War



Obviously God of War made the list, another game that absent from the Sony Playstation as the last time it released a new installment were on PS3 2010, this time God of War gave us trailers to showed us many changes for the series especially in term of gameplay, graphic, and story, where the story has evolve to have some deeper emotion, the gameplay is like a co-op between Kratos and his son, from in term of graphic well it really changes to become so much better especially the art and the texture of the surrounding like the jungle, the sun, the tree, the characters, it really pictured next-gen, where the PS4 Pro user will get the full advantage of this.

Marvel’s Spider-Man



Next on the list of Sony Playstation Exclusive games is Marvel’s Spider-man, where usually Spider-man’s games are critically reviewed and obtain a low score overall, but this time Sony partnered up with Insomniac to develop Spiderman game that it possible to become the favorite of gamers, proven from the previous trailer and the trailer that given at Paris Games Week. This game look promising from every aspect, let us hope that the story is also great and not flat.


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