OpTic Gaming has just announced its DOTA 2 roster change. Martin ‘Saksa’ Sazdov will serve as a full time standin for the rest of 2017 replacing Rasmus ‘MiSeRy’ Filipsen on position 4. The roster change is unexpected because so far OpTic performance looks pretty good. They made it through some qualifier and will play in The Summit 8 and ASUS ROG MASTERS tournaments.

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Saksa is well known as the position 5 support. Previously, Saksa has played for team Digital Chaos that finished 2nd at The International 6. After The International 6 Digital Chaos choose to release their roster. Saksa and friends change its name to Thunderbirds and shortly thereafter joined the Planet Odd organization. But it is unfortunate that Planet Odd failed to qualify for The International 7. After The International 7 Planet Odd disbands their roster and Saksa joined Mid or Feed but his career in the team did not last long. And now Saksa will occupy the position 4 for OpTic Gaming.

The new roster will play its first games in the online qualifiers for Galaxy Battles later this week. Read the official announcement from OpTic Gaming here http://optic.tv/optic-dota-roster-announcement.html