Bandai Namco Entertainment

released their latest trailer for their game Tekken 7, which surprised many Gamers when Noctis from Final Fantasy XV appeared as additional characters for this Fighting game.

The beginning of this trailer brings us back to the world of Final Fantasy XV, where Noctis appearance begins when he gets a call from Lars the characters from Tekken 7. Lars asks Noctis for help on the quest he gets, because he is not available.

On receiving the quest Noctis was approached by his friend who offered them to do the quest, but noctis ran off saying “ I’m Going! ”.

It’s nice to see Noctis and his friends get together again, where in the original game, well you who have finished playing Final Fantasy XV must know what happened in the end.

Noctis action in this game looks over powered, its move set is very similar to the original game. With such movements Noctis can be untouchable and when he does his rage arts it looks really cool!.