final fantasy xv

Square Enix has just released new updates for Final Fantasy XV. The patch weighs about 13GB on PS4 and 18GB on Xbox One. Players can now take control of Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis during the main story mode.The update is free for owners of the game on PS4 and Xbox One .

The update also includes compatibility for the Episode Ignis DLC and adds tracks from it and Comrades to the main game’s music player. Online leaderboards for Timed Quests were also concluded with this patch as well as some bug fixes.

Character swaps adds a number of new dialogues and animation, like when Prompto chilling on the ground swing his leg or where Noctis kicks Prompto over. The battle gameplay when you switch character will adapt to the style of each of the different episodes. Before you can swap character, you need to unlock the character switching ability in the Ascension Tree under the Techniques section for 20 AP. Check out the character switch in action here