New 65 Inch Monitor By Nvidia Will Blow Your Mind


Nvidia once again made a breakthrough with the purpose of spoiling gamers around the world. Together with their partners like Acer, Asus, and HP, Nvidia will be releasing an 65 inch monitor under the name of BFGD with all the features for gaming that will make gamers happy. The monitor will feature a 4k HDR resolution 120Hz, complete with G-Sync technology and Nvidia Shield.

The user experience when using this monitor will be as smooth as butter. The monitor can be used to play games and watch stream integrated with android system. Feature like Google Assistant also come inside the monitor.

“PC gamers expect high performance and instant response times, but, until now, they’ve been largely limited to traditional desktop displays,” said Matt Wuebbling, head of GeForce marketing at NVIDIA. “BFGDs change that. With NVIDIA’s latest technology built into these new displays, PC gamers can now experience their favorite titles in all the low-latency glory they deserve.”

nvidia 65 inch monitor

What features will be present in this Nvidia Monitor?

  • Ultra-Low Latency Gaming
  • Big Screen Streaming

Availability and Pricing

BFGDs are available for hands-on demos at CES at the NVIDIA gaming suite and ASUS ROG showcase room at the Wynn Las Vegas by appointment only, and in the HP booth at the Pepcom and Showstoppers press events on Monday and Tuesday evening, respectively. General availability is expected this summer when pricing and further specifications will be announced.

Now Nvidia BFGD only appears on CES 2018 Las Vegas, for those who attend the event, you can try the demo by playing games on this Nvidia new monitor, for the price and availability, Nvidia said “General availability is expected this summer when pricing and further specifications will be announced.”

All the gamers out there who are curious about this Nvidia monitor have to be patient, for now you guys have to hold off to your 24 – 27 inch monitor.