Monster Hunter: World Review


Monster Hunter: World is the most anticipated game of 2018. After a long time that they release Monster Hunter series for handled console, a new title finally come for the big console, PS4 and Xbox One, and on PC later in fall 2018. This means that this game is going to be huge and will arrive with better graphics compared to the older title. Is this game worth playing? Check out our Monster Hunter: World review to find out!

As a fan of Monster Hunter I can assure you that Monster Hunter: World is the best series of all Monster Hunter games ever released. They managed to fix all the imperfection of the previous Monster Hunter and add new innovations that make this game feel fresh without losing the character and style of Monster Hunter itself. If you have never touched Monster Hunter before, then this game is the right entry point for beginners to start hunting monster.

Monster Hunter is famous for its level of difficulty and inhospitality for new players but this game does a wonderful job of introducing the basics needed to start playing and they are glued seamlessly together with the storyline. It is very strange to hear the word Monster Hunter and storyline together, but this game has a pretty good storyline.

Monster Hunter: World Review

The main quest we undertake will be related to the progress of the storyline such as clearing the area of monsters’ disturbance to open a new campsite, investigating the trail of monsters to aid research, searching material for vehicles from monster material, etc. The Side missions are not only serves as a complement, some side missions give rewards that can improve cooking, gardening, and other facilities. This is much better than in the previous series where we have to collect points to upgrades in-game facilities.

All the basics needed to start playing are becoming more accessible, but to really master this game players still have to struggle for hours, that’s where the challenge and enjoyment of playing Monster Hunter comes. There are 14 weapons in this game, each with unique capabilities and styles. Coupled with dozens of monsters available gives you unlimited gameplay potential and suddenly you’ve been playing this game for hundreds of hours without you even knowing it. Choosing armor becomes easier, they eliminate the numbers on armor in the previous series and make combo armor easier to understand.

My favorite new feature on weapons is the ability to change weapons in the middle of a quest. This really helps when I have to do a quest that requires me to hunt many targets. Rathian is the first target? Let’s beat her with the Great Sword or Hammer. Oh next is Diablos? Shoot his tail with Bow or Bowgun to death. Improvements like this look simple but very useful and can reduce a little frustration due to getting run over by Diablos when using Hammer.

Monster Hunter: World Review

There are five areas that we can explore in Monster Hunter: World as the story goes. They managed to bring a truly charming graphics, each area carved with detail and full of meaning plus they remove the loading for each zone so the game feels spacious and alive. Each zone feels different from other zones but remains perfectly connected. So many new things you can find just by taking a walk in an area. Even after passing through dozens of missions in the same area, you’ll be surprised by new shortcuts and zones you’ve never been before. And in every area there are monsters that guard certain territory.

The interaction between nature, monster, and the hunter is so real and complementary. Monster dwellings are different from where they hunt for food. Sometimes a monster will pass through another monster’s territory to hunt for food and they will fight as they pass each other just like in the real wild world. It is very unique and I have never seen it in other games, the sense of amazement when Anjanath confronted with Rathalos still lingers in my mind. The surrounding also provides traps that can help the hunters to take down the monsters ranging from flashbugs that can blind monsters, paratoads that can paralyze the monsters, to plants that can cause poisoning.

Monster Hunter: World PS4 Review

The difficulty level in this game is really well designed. Every quest you face will continue to be more difficult, but the difficulty increases subtly so you will not be surprised by the appearance of a very powerful monster at the beginning of the game. You can say that your first 50 hours is part of the tutorial and the game actually starts when you start playing the end-game content. And of course when it reaches high rank you don’t need a potion to fight Nergigantes because one attack from him is able to get you back to camp. Ahh cart was comfy.

Talking about the level of difficulty, it’s still incomplete if we don’t discuss about the hitbox. I feel that the hitbox in this game has been well tuned so the fight with the monsters becomes fairer and less frustrating. But sometimes I was surprised to see my character was not hit by a monster attack that I thought should hit. My eyes could be wrong, but I should be grateful because it is still better than Plesioth Hip Check from an unexpected angle in the previous Monster Hunter.

So far I’ve mentioned good things about Monster Hunter: World, but this game also has flaws. Several times while hunting or when looking at the cutscene, FPS will go down especially when there is a lot of clutter on the screen. Fortunately the decline is not significant and does not interfere with the gameplay. In addition to FPS, voice acting in this game feels bland and amateurish, for me personally this is not a problem but maybe others can’t stand the voice acting in this game.

The multiplayer aspect of the game is good enough but still not perfect, to play along with your friends you can invite them into the lobby session or you can hand out 12 digit session IDs from the lobby you use. You can also enter the quest that has been running. This is a new feature that hasn’t been in the previous Monster Hunter series. So far the multiplayer game is stable and I have never felt a lag at all. But several times I can’t get into the session so I’m forced to play offline. After giving three beta accesses Capcom should be able to anticipate this kind of problem.

Monster Hunter: World PS4 Review

So is Monster Hunter: World worth playing? I think this game is worth to play. This game has evolved with many improvements in various aspects. The amount of content that can be found and explored plus the challenging gameplay will make you feel at home playing this game for hours. This game has shortcomings, but it doesn’t give much negative impact. I’m sure that this game will be a Game of the Year candidate.

Monster Hunter: World

Score: 4.5 / 5

Play at PS 4

Platform: Win, PS4, Xbox One

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Capcom

Release Date: Jan 26, 2018