Monster Hunter World Beta: Nergigante Solo Speedrun Compilation


Monster Hunter World Beta: Nergigante Solo Speedrun Compilation

The third and last beta access for Monster Hunter World is over. How is your experience playing the beta version of the game? Did you beat Nergigante. I’ve beaten the monster after getting my ass whopped several times. Feeling proud of this achievement, i decided to check the internet to see how the other hunter is doing. It turns out that many people are beating the quest in less than 10 minutes. Well there goes my confidence.

Now I wonder, what is the fastest time a hunter can beat Nergigante? Reddit user Konrad1719 puts up a list of solo speedrun video on each weapon. Check out the list below:

  • Charge Blade, 2’59”816 byㄹ그테

  • Gunlance, 3’15”650 by ガンサーの抹茶

  • Hammer, 3’20″383 by pepo

  • Heavy Bowgun, 3’21”516 by Latem

  • Bow, 3’22”516 by 木之子

  • Dual Blades, 3’46″783 by カルナ

  • Long Sword, 4’01″266 by junk

  • Lance, 4’03”700 by Lance Whiteknight

  • Great Sword, 4’33″233 by TSC

  • Light Bowgun, 4’40” by Mai LBG

  • Switch Axe, 4’54″283 by やまもり

  • Insect Glaive, 5’08”233 by Virgel Rayo

  • Hunting Horn, 5’48”700 by 霜越則男

  • Sword and Shield, 6’03”200 by o ALEX o

What is your opinion on this list? Is Charge Blade overpowered right now? Do Sword and Shield need a buff? Monster Hunter World will be released on 26 January 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version will follow later on Fall 2018.