Mark Your Calendar! Pokémon GO Community Day 2 have been announced

Pokémon GO Community

After a successful Community Day some time ago, Niantic announced the second Pokémon GO Community Day on 24 February which features the dragon-type Pokémon Dratini.

If you followed the last event, you will find many Shiny-Pokémon roaming around. This time, the event offers you Pokémon seekers a Pokémon dragon-type. Tomorrow might be your chance to catch the shiny Dratini. For your info, Dratini evolved form Dragonite is a powerful dragon type pokemon that once considered to be most powerful Pokemon in the game.

Shiny Dratini

The events are not held in a particular location but rather at a certain time so all trainers will simultaneously conduct Pokémon searches around the world. Here are the details of Pokémon GO Community Day:

  • Featuring Dragon-type Dratini
  • Three times Stardust bonus
  • Three hour Lure Modules
  • Secret Exclusive Move

What kind of Exclusive move will Niantic give to Dratini? Three times Stardust bonus is also something that is never been given before! If you catch a Pokémon added with a star piece, it will benefit you greatly. So you should definitely follow this event on time.

Many think that Niantic still keep this event a secret but it turns out they immediately announced it. Perhaps this is one of Niantic’s steps to entertain the iOS 10 users who have to leave Pokémon GO by the end of February.