Kursk, the Game Based on True Story Will Be Released This Year


It’s been a long time, Jujubee SA since 2015 has announced the game they are developing, Kursk. They stated that this game that is based on true story will be released on PC this year.

Kursk is a name taken from a Russian navy submarine. This game tells the story of the Submarine Disaster that occurred in the sea of Barents in 2000 that killed the entire crew of 118 people. According to some sources, the cause of this accident is the HTP gas leak that blew up the torpedo in the vessel, the ship’s parts became damaged and sea water immediately entered into the submarine that eventually killed all crew of this nuclear-powered ship.

The circumstances of the real-world disaster have not yet been fully explained, maybe Jujubee will do a little modification to the flow of the story so it still goes well. Musical composition from Mikolai Stroinski will certainly drown into this game.

You will be fully involved in the story. Any action you take will affect the game’s storyline and determine the ending of the game. You will need to gain information about Shkval supercavitating torpedoes which Jujubee said “of interest to all major intelligence services in the world at the time”

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“Every element is meaningful, and the gameplay can unfold in many ways. The makers deeply care about the graphics, I have seen with my very own eyes and am pleasantly surprised with the meticulousness and overall quality of the visual aspect of the game. At this stage of production KURSK certainly surpasses some of the bigger productions in that regard”. -Maciej Zabłocki, head editor of Jujubee PC LAB.

From the above statement, the wait for these three years really paid off. They are really serious about building this game that is taken from true story.

This game will come to PC (Windows and Steam), PS4, Mac, and Xbox One in two DLC. The first is Kengir, which tells the escape of a prisoner from Kengir labor camp, Kazakhstan and the second is the VR support for the game.

Perhaps on the other hand, this game will bring back memories to the people involved in this great event. Basically Jujubee wants us to take lessons from KURSK. There will be pros and cons that follow because it’s not really a great thing to be made into a game. But let’s wait, and hope that this game will run well!