Grab it Fast! Playstation 4 Monster Hunter World Starter Pack

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Capcom gave an announcement to fans of Monster Hunter World, games that soon be released. They have released the Monster Hunter World starter pack for the PS4. Not just the PS4, the DualShock controller also got a Monster Hunter World custom touch, they also include a custom headset and custom keyboard too!

PlayStation 4 Monster Hunter World is present on the 500GB version and comes with 2 colors, Jet Black and Glacier White, with a price tag of 35,980 yen. If you want to buy just the DualShock controller version of Monster Hunter, it comes with a price tag of 6,480 yen. One must remember that this item is limited edition and sold only in japan, it’s your lucky day if you live in Japan.

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source Capcom

source Capcom

Capcom teamed up with Elecom to deliver custom touch on the Monster Hunter World keyboard and headset. The keyboard comes with a price tag of 2,080 yen plus tax. Then there is two version of headset, the monaural and the stereo, monaural comes with a price tag of 1,580 yen plus tax and the stereo headset with 2,580 yen plus tax.

source Capcom

Monster Hunter World will be released on 26 January for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version will be released in Fall, presumably a few months after the release in Console. Oh and Capcom will be giving the 3rd beta test on January 19 so get ready to try it out.

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