Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age Will Be Released In Steam Early This February


Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age will be released on Steam on February 2nd.

Final Fantasy XII on Steam will have some customizing features for PC games. The game will run on 60FPS, 21: 9 screen display and 4K display. Here are the key features provided by Steam’s official web for Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age

  • New Zodiac Job system with improved battle mechanics.
  • Newly implemented trophies.
  • True 7.1 Surround sound including HD voicing and fully remastered music.
  • Choose between original in-game BGM, new re-orchestrated BGM and original soundtrack.
  • Endless adventure including hunts, battles and mini-games.
  • 60 FPS – Ivalice will look even more spectacular running at 60FPS
  • Compatible with 21:9 ultra wide monitors
  • New Game Plus and New Game Minus
  • Maximized License Points and Gil
  • Full controller support, Steam Trading Cards dan yang lainnya

New Game Plus and New Game Minus modes will be available from the start as well as new functionality to provide players with maximum License Points and Gil from the configuration screen. Originaly this game is a game remaster from Final Fantasy XII on PS2 launched on PS4 last July. The game got a lot of praise and enthusiasts. Looking at the success Square Enix decided to make this game in PC version.

You can get Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Era for $50 on Steam and if you buy it on the first week of the release you will get a chance for 20% discount on the latest digital music and Steam Skin compilations illustrated by Isamu Kamikokuryo.