Fairytail Fans, Get Yourself Ready! Fairytail Will Be Released On IOS And Android


A few weeks ago Tencent launched the Attack On Titan game on a mobile phone, now they are announcing other title that again adapted from the famous manga and anime, Fairytail. Previously there have been a lot of game that is using Fairytail title, but none of them are official. This time the official game of Fairytail has been unveiled by Kondansha, Morefun Studio, Tencent, with the MMORPG genre. The game will have a storyline based on the original series and keep using the original voices from the anime series. Fairytail

In this game you will explore Fairytail world from city to dungeon and interact with townspeople to get quest or maybe you can get various items that you need. Using a turn-based system, you can bring five members to play together with you.

For those of you who are fans of this anime series seem to have to wait for the release So far there has been no official information from Tentcent about when this game will be released, but you can already do a pre-regristration through the official website.