Extinction Gagal Memenuhi Ekspektasi Para Gamer


Saat pertama kali diumumkan, Extinction memberikan harapan tinggi bagi para gamer akan hadirnya game action hack and slash yang baru dan fresh. Secara sekilas game ini memiliki beberapa elemen yang dapat membuat game ini menjadi keren seperti air dash, art style yang unik, dan orc raksasa yang harus kamu kalahkan. Ternyata setelah dirilis game ini sangat mengecewakan. Reviewer seperti GameSpot, IGN, dan PC Gamer memberikan nilai yang rendah untuk game buatan Iron Galaxy Studio ini.

Extinction versi PS4 mendapatkan nilai rata-rata 50 dari para game critic dan mendapatkan nilai 1.1 dari user secara individual di situs Metacritic. Pada umumnya, para game critic mengeluhkan kurangnya konten di dalam game ini dan betapa repetitifnya game ini. GameSpot secara gambling mengatakan bahwa hanya butuh waktu satu jam untuk merasakan semua hal yang bisa ditawarkan game ini. Para gamer pun merasa bahwa game ini sangat buruk dan tidak pantas untuk dihargai $60.

It’s so frustrating to see its good ideas buried under repetitive missions, a forgettable story, and embarrassing production values for its AAA price. Play one hour of it and you’ve basically done a bit of everything it has to offer; then it’s rinse and repeat for as long as you can bear to stick with it. It’s a frail and monotonous game destined for the bargain bin.” Peter Brown, GameSpot — 4/10 [Full Review]

Extinction is a poor game with great ideas. A lot of the problems it suffers from just shouldn’t be problems in this day and age. Combat looks cool but functions terribly, and the game’s biggest selling point of taking down giant Orcs is ruined by the horrible climbing mechanics and terrible camera. It’s a shame, as I really looked forward to enjoying Extinction until I actually played it. Now I wish I could forget it.” Garri Bagdasarov, PlayStation Universe – 4/10 [Full Review]

Extinction is a polished game, from the slick UI to the snappy, responsive controls. Avil can double-jump, glide, and clamber up walls, which makes him feel satisfyingly nimble. And the game maintains a reliably solid frame-rate, even when those hulking ogres shamble into view and start smashing buildings. But there isn’t enough here to justify that £55/$60 price point.” Andy Kelly, PC Gamer – 58/100 [Full Review]

Extinction is a good blueprint for a more interesting game. I came in excited to slice up some giants, but after the fifth rote exercise I was kind of over it. There are some flashes of brilliance every now and then but the over-reliance on the core energy meter idea keeps it imprisoned in the depths of repetitive arcade territory.” Chris Carter, Destructoid – 6/10 [Full Review]

Extinction is a sword-slinging, monster-decapitating action game that does a decent job of getting the blood pumping and reflexes twitching. The eye-catching, anime-inspired art will even give you some nice scenery to do it all in. It just never rises to be much more than that, and all the while it’s inviting comparisons to other games that do. Extinction lands in that awkward position where, yeah, it’s usually fun – but you’re not really missing anything incredible by giving it a pass.” TJ Hafer, IGN 6.6/10 [Full Review]