Spider-Man “BPJS” Review! Buy? Pinjem? or Skip?

Spider-Man BPJS Review

During this time I always underestimated superhero-themed games. But after playing Spider-Man, my opinion changed immediately. This game is very amazing and immediately became one of my favorite games. In this BPJS Review (Buy? Pinjem? Skip?), Guide Eater will discuss all the things that make this game extraordinary and the shortcomings we have found. Hopefully, BPJS review can help you to decide to buy this game or to skip it.

The spider-man story this time around is unique because it tells a new plot that is different from the comics, games, or films that already existed before. You will meet familiar figures such as Mary Jane and Aunt May and Spider-Man archenemies such as Rhino and Scorpion. But the background, the flow, and the relationship of each character are presented differently, this gives the game a fresh and interesting story to follow. And Insomniac Games also didn't forget to put a little easter egg from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spider-Man BPJS Review New York

The storyline pace in this game has been presented well. In the beginning, you will immediately be faced with big action, enough to hook you up and make you interested in this game. Then the storyline will slow down, at this moment each important character at a time appears and the pressure will begin to develop. And when you think it's all over, there is a bigger threat waiting. It sounds cliché, but along the way, it will make your heart pounding and the ending of this game is very satisfying.

Maybe you have heard the news that Spider-Man graphics quality has been downgraded according to the small puddle images circulating on the internet. Insomniac Games has denied this and after playing this game I'm also sure Spider-Man graphics quality hasn't been downgraded. Everything looks perfect from costumes, city details, lighting, to facial animation. The Draw distance is also very high, you can see the whole city from end to end. And all of this comes without a performance deterioration, in my playthrough I don't feel any FPS drop at all.

Spider-Man BPJS Review Draw Distance

Spider-Man comes with an open world environment and at first, I was worried that this game open world would feel empty. But it turns out there are many side activities that you can do starting from collecting Peter Parker historic items, taking portraits of landmarks, cleaning up villain hideouts, and much more. And these activities don't feel boring because they provide balanced challenges, not too easy or too difficult. High city details also make side activities more enjoyable, really feels like an adventure in New York.

Spider-Man's gameplay has been well polished. The swinging movement really feels smooth and easily controlled, it feels good to swing and free fall from a height. Even though the Fast Travel feature is available, I still travel manually because swinging from building to building is more fun and you can also collect collectible that you pass on the way.

Spider-Man BPJS Review Collectibles

Spider-Man is an agile superhero and Insomniac Games managed to bring it into Spidey combat movements and make the fight even more exciting. The AI enemies that you will fight aren't smart, but they will defeat you by numbers. Fortunately, Spider-Man has a variety of gadgets that can facilitate battles ranging from electric nets, bomb nets, spider robots, and many more. Besides being used to fight enemies the gadget is also used to solve puzzles in the game.

One thing that is lacking in gameplay is the stealth aspect. How could the enemy not see Spidey hanging in broad daylight, even though their criminal partner was clearly dead lying in front of them. Instead, they acted like "Nah, he used to lay back down here" then continued patrolling. Stealth in this game is strange. Running past the back of the guard doesn't matter, squatting behind the chest with half your body exposed isn't a problem, stepping on a small glass fragment? Gotcha ya little criminal. Besides stealth, I don't complain about other gameplay aspects.

Spider-Man BPJS Review Thug Fight

Regarding sound design, you will be greeted with epic music when swinging from one point to another. Voice acting in this game is very cool, from time to time Spider-Man will receive calls from other characters and the response he gives will be different when he is idle or swinging. While being idle, Spider-Man will give a calm reply, but when he is swinging his breath sounds panting. That is a small example of the detail they give to voice acting in this game.

So is it better to buy? Pinjem? Or skip Spider-Man?

Buy. You have to buy Spider-Man. This game has a fresh and interesting storyline to follow, perfect graphics, a non-boring open world environment, well-polished gameplay, and very cool voice acting. Nevertheless, there is one strange gameplay aspect, which is the stealth. Fortunately throughout the game you are only required to do stealth several times. The rest you can finish it directly if you really don't like the weird stealth.

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