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Guide dan Build Claude

Claude is a hero who has a small monkey as partner called Dexter, the unique thing is that every basic attack Claude lash out, Dexter (the monkey) will also lash out basic attacks that deal smaller damage, this is where Claude's main advantages and characteristics is, by understanding that he can send 2 basic attacks in one strike, we can combine them with various items and spells to maximize the potential of this hero, with the right build and items he can easily dominate every fight in the late game.

Claude tends to be OP, especially in the mid-late game, it could be that he will become a meta-hero and one of the strongest marksmen in this game. Now we will discuss how to play Claude's starting from the explanation of his strengths and weaknesses.

Claude Pros and Cons


1. Can farm super fast

2. Can push lane easily

3. Great at team fight

  1. Marksman with huge burst damage

  2. Effective against multiple enemies

  3. Attack speed & movement speed stealing


1. Very weak on the early-mid game

  1. Relies heavily on item passive skill

  2. Weak against CC

4. Short skill range

5. Can't 1v1 early game

Claude Item Build

Guide dan Build Claude
A.Demon Hunter Sword this is Claude most crucial core item, because the biggest damage comes from this item passive skill, with this item he can deal 10% of enemy remaining HP as physical damage, this item is very effective to be used against heroes with high HP like tanks especially Hylos, so you should buy this item first (after a boots).

B.Golden Staff this item has a passive skill called "Endless Strike", essentially every 2 basic attacks we throw, the next basic attack will be counted as 2 basic attacks (damage is still 1 basic attack), so our third basic attack will trigger 2x the effect of basic attacks, remember its only the effect being triggered not the damage, of course, this item will be very useful for heroes who need to stack basic attacks like Miya, Helcurt, Karrie, including Claude.

C. Berserker’s Fury This item has a really strong effect, adding 40% crit damage to Claude. This will increase your damage by a lot. 40% Crit Damage and when you go critical will increase your normal attack by 5%, for 2 seconds.

D. Malevic Roar This cool item reduces the turret armor or the enemy tower. Plus the 40% attack penetration It's great when you face against tanky heroes.

E.Blade of Despair No need to doubt this item, don't forget to use 1st skill so you get this item passive effect

F. Rapid Boots/Swift boots Rapid boots to increase your movement speed so you can chase and run easier. Swift boots so you can attack faster when using ult or normal attack.


A. HAAS CLAW(BAD) You can use this item to life steal but Claude didn't need any life steal, he needs attack speed to deal more damage on a team fight.

B. Windtalker(ALTERNATIVE) Windtalker function to increase Claude move speed while also adding critical chance, imagine using 1st skill + Rapid Boots + Windtalker, even Jawhead will give up chasing you.

C. Scarlet Phantom (ALTERNATIVE) Scarlet Phantom act as a replacement to Malevic Roar, get this item when the enemy only has 1 tanky hero.

Claude Battle Spell

Battle Spell Claude

The most suitable battle spell for Claude is Inspire, Retribution and Flicker.

  • Use Inspire to speed up the basic attack trigger, this can also be combined with the ultimate skill, this spell is the best and recommended for Claude.
  • Use Retribution to get a quick level and gold, Claude need a lot of farm, and this spell is very, very helpful in the early-mid game so you can buy core items as quickly as possible.
  • Use Flicker if you want to play safe. You blink twice using your 2nd skill and flicker.

Claude Skill Build

Build Skill Claude

Claude Skill Explanation

Pertempuran Bersama (Passive)

Dexter launches an attack to help Claude, gives bonus 20% damage from enemy current HP to Claude normal attack.

Art Of Thievery (Skill 1)

Claude stole 20% of the movement speed and 10% of the enemy's attack speed in the fan-shaped area, and deal 160+ (40% total physical attacks) physical damage. Claude increases his own movement and attacks speed for 6 second, depending on the number of enemies affected. The bonus doubles when Claude steals from Hero, REMEMBER THIS STACK like MARTIS Skill YOU SHOULD SPAM THIS SKILL A LOT.

Battle Mirror Image (Skill 2)

Creating a monkey-shaped mirror image like the shadow of the Hayabusa where you can teleport to the monkey's shadow and return to your starting place for 5 seconds, remember to use this skill to enter the center of the teamfight or you can also use it to escape when pursued.

Open Fire(Ultimate)

Claude and Dexter shoot all together. I call this spell DESPERADO, because it attacks around 360 Degrees from the hero, the damage from this skill depends on your attack speed and damage, I highly recommend using 1st skill before using ultimate to steal enemy movepseed and attack speed.

Claude skill set is usefull in the early or even late game because it can be used as an escape or dealing area damage.

His escape skill comes from the 2nd skill, and the area skill comes from the ultimate.

Claude Emblem

Emblem Claude

How to Play Claude

Early game

On the early game, you should focus on farming and getting the core item. But if there is a chance to kill try to kill as long as it's SAFE, remember never to dive enemy tower even though you have an escape skill, it will be hard to catch up if you die early.

Mid Game

During the mid game or around 6-10 minutes you should have at least 1 or 2 core items, if not you better retire because you're just a burden. If you already have 1or 2 core items you can solo kill fellow MM. Keep checking out the minimap and see if it is possible to push, if not you better go back to the jungle and farm, and for the team fight try to look for momentum and the timing to enter the fight. But if your team are falling behind and your friends are doing team fight, it is better for you to steal the tower, Remember that Claude is a thief? You better steal the tower and then retreat and wait for your friend to live.

Late game

On Late game try to play RAT (RUSH AT TOWER) or join your friends to a team fight because you are marksman and you are the damage source for the team, and remember you are not a tanker or a facilitator if you want to fight you should stay behind and watch out for enemy like saber / john ultimate. If you die first then who is the damage dealer?


Combo Claude

  1. Use 1 skill to steal enemy movement speed and atk speed.
  1. You can use your illusion to escape or to chase.

  2. Swap to Dexter illusion then use your ult. Watch out for the cooldown and enemy movement. Don't sacrifice your life for a vain.

Tips and Tricks

  • Beware of enemy heroes who can provide crowd control and long-range attacksbefore engaging and be careful before using ultimate when there are two of the heroes above.
  • Focus on farming in the early game until you get your first core item (Demon Hunter Sword), without this item, Claude can't deal any significant damage even with his ult. You should buy this item whatever build you use. Demon Hunter Sword adalah core item utama Claude, apapun build yang kamu gunakan sebaiknya belilah item ini pertama kali.
  • After you buy your second core item (Golden Staff) you can start playing aggressively and push the tower, at this moment Claude is able to give plenty DPS damage and the ultimate plus inspire combination will be very deadly.
  • Use skill 2 to poke enemies from afar, you can also use it to push towers and lure enemies while in defense, take advantage of the swap effect (swap place) to fool enemies, especially during teamfight where we as marksman are often the main target, with this skill we can take distance to play safer while still giving damage to the opposing team.
  • Keep playing safely and rely on your team, even though the ult skill is like inviting our appetite to play barbaric (1 vs 5), but without the right calculation, we will just die silly and easily, even if you want to take on 1 opponent make sure your levels and gold / items are much higher.
  • Watch Claude user pro videos or top global Claude player stream to better master this hero.

Claude Combo Hero

Claude is very good at fighting the following heroes:

  • All tanky heroes
  • Balmond
  • Sun
  • Hilda
  • Alice
  • Rafaela
  • Estes
  • Akai

Claude is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • All assassins
  • Nana(can turn you into rabbit)
  • Aurora(can froze you)
  • Vexana(can kill you with 1 combo)
  • Harley(never chase her, she might turn around and kill you)
  • Cyclops(can't dodge his ultimate)
  • Lesley(outranges you, and can counter your ultimate using 2nd skill)
  • Johnson(run over by him and you're dead)