FIFA 19 BPJS Review
Pros Cons
Jersey Update Ultimate Team Pay to Win
Boring career mode
FIFA journey doesn't make any sense
Gameplay still the same as before
FIFA royal mode? You're not PUBG
No custom character for manager in Career mode




FIFA 19 is the most popular soccer game today and has grown rapidly from its first appearance. Starting from the beginning he tried to compete with Winning Eleven, Pro Evolution Soccer until now the game made by EA has become the king of football games all over the world.
Being a king in a sports area, especially in the football game section, does not mean that this FIFA game is perfect, they managed to become the first because this FIFA game has licenses in many popular football leagues, compared to its PES competitors, even having difficulty naming the English league team because they lost the license to FIFA game, and recently the Champions League license was won by FIFA, which has been held by Konami / PES, with the complete license that FIFA has, making this game the number 1 in the world, even the former Asian market held by PES has now turned to FIFA

But I, as a FIFA fan who has started to try this game from FIFA 11, was disappointed with the features EA gave to this FIFA game, even I feel fed up with EA's behavior that exploits my favorite game to become an EA quick money grab, where the Ultimate Team feature in FIFA 19 can be ascertained Pay to Win! For those of you who are willing to spend a lot of money to make your team perfect, congratulations you have provided support for EA microtransaction feature

FIFA 19 BPJS Review

What about FIFA players who just want to play Career mode, in this section EA really doesn't care about offline players there is no change at all in career mode, I was hoping I can make my own character to become a manager or become a Josep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho to accompany my team's choice, but we get the same thing as FIFA 18, with predetermined characters, ordinary budget funds, strange transfer negotiations, no manager of the year addition, like the cutscene of the characters we make receive trophies, and boring player coaching

FIFA Journey? It doesn't need to be discussed anymore, we want to play soccer games and don't want to watch dramas.

This FIFA 19 game, will definitely be bought continuously by football fans, to play the ultimate team, or just to play with friends or career mode, and in this review, I try to give you information about this game. It doesn't change much, its changes are only Cristiano Ronaldo wearing a Juventus shirt

The conclusion from this BPJS review? Don't touch FIFA 19 or only Buy when it is on discount! Shame on you EA.

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