Give Me God of War

Tips on Conquering God of War in Highest Difficult Level "Give Me God of War"

Maybe God of War on normal difficulty is too easy for you and you want to try a new challenge. No need to worry, God of War has a special level of difficulty called Give Me God of War that might give you a headache...
God of War jotnar Shrine

Jotnar Shrine Location Guide in God of War

In addition to telling the history of Nordic mythology directly through its narrative plot, in the God of War there is also a kind of small shrine called Jotnar Shrine where you can find more stories about the legend of the Giant...
god of war guide

All the Trophies You Can Get in God of War Guide

Here is a guide to all the trophies you can get in God of War. You can get some of the trophies below without having to try hard because it is associated with each chapter in God of War and occurs naturally...
Chou mobile legends

Chou Guide, Best Ganker and Escaper | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Of the many new Hero, Chou is one of the few Heroes that is still dependable to this day unlike other Heroes that almost forgotten like Eudora, Clint, and others. Although Chou had to give up his roles as a Fighter and shifted...
Ni No Kuni II Citizen Locations Guide

Ni No Kuni II Citizen Locations Guide

Ni No Kuni II Citizen Locations Guide Di dalam Ni No Kuni II kehadiran citizen sangat penting, kamu membutuhkan citizen baru agar kerajaanmu dapat berkembang. Artikel ini akan menunjukkan lokasi citizen...
Ni No Kuni II Hybrid Bow Guide

Ni No Kuni II Hybrid Bow Guide

After Nu Bi joins your kingdom, the Wanted: A Well-Good Weapon quest will be available for you to complete. To complete this quest you have to find a hybrid bow and there are several different ways to get...
Ni No Kuni II Grass Green Thread Guide

Ni No Kuni II Grass Green Thread Guide

There are many items you can find in Ni No Kuni II, but you need specific items to complete the 006 Pi Chi quest, Skillful Seamstress which is grass green thread. Although the item is easy to...
guide marksman hanabi mobile legends

Hanabi Guide, Consecutive MVP! – Mobile Legends Bang Bang

You guys Mobile Legends player will certainly know the latest hero that was launched by Moonton for the loyal players especially if you are in Advance server which is the test server for ML latest update...
cara mudah mendapatkan uang di Far Cry 5

Easy Way to Earn Money in Far Cry 5

In Far Cry 5, money can be used to purchase weapons, vehicles, costumes, and equipment such as special bullets, throwable, and bullet vest. In this guide I will show you how to easily earn money in Far Cry 5...
mobile legends

Here Are Some of the "Bullied" Marksman Mistakes - Mobile Legends

Marksman is often the role who determine your victory when you play, if the marksman has great damage, of course the opponents will flee when the marksman has arrived, but what if you, when playing marksman...

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