This 5 Horror-Themed Discount Game Is a Must Try

Steam Halloween Sale

To celebrate Halloween this time, Valve held a Steam Halloween Sale and gave various discounts for games on Steam. Now, because of Halloween, it seems like it's going to be exciting if Guide Eater provides recommendations on horror-themed games that are discounted on Steam. The games we recommend are games that get big discounts, have high ratings, and are guaranteed to be very exciting. Without further ado, these are 5 discounted horror-themed games that you must try.

SOMA (Rp 199.999 -> RP 39.999)


Compared to other games in this list, SOMA is the game with the lowest amount of horror. But it's not the horror that makes SOMA cool. This horror sci-fi game has an amazing storyline and is able to grab your attention from the beginning to the end of the game. Every aspect of the story, main flow, character, and emotions are very interesting to follow and presented well.

You must play SOMA especially if you are a fan of survival horror games. Even though you are a newcomer to the horror genre, this game will provide a new experience that changes your outlook on horror games.

Darkwood (Rp 115.999 -> RP 57.999)


Darkwood merupakan game horor yang unik, selain karena perspektifnya yang tidak biasa, game ini tidak mengandalkan jumpscare untuk membuat suasana menjadi seram. Di siang hari kamu harus berkeliling dan mencari persediaan. Dan ketika malam hari tiba, kamu tidak akan tau bahaya apa yang menunggu di luar persembunyianmu.

This game is very good at making you nervous and perfectly turn the atmosphere to becomes dark and mysterious. Turn up the game volume and you can hear gripping sounds and music that pushes the limits of horror. If you are hungry for a horror atmosphere, a terrifying world to explore, and interesting stories to put together, then Darkwood is the right game for you.

Alien: Isolation (Rp 269.999 -> RP 67.499)

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation tells the story of Amanda trying to uncover the truth behind her mother's disappearance. With a lack of strength and preparation, Amanda must try to find resources and use her mind to be able to complete the mission and survive.

This game has AAA quality ranging from stories, atmosphere, sound effects, gameplay, to the NPC and players character developments. Fans of the Alien series will also be spoiled with this games detail that isn't much different from the original Alien film which was launched in 1979. The AI used to control Aliens is hard to guess and this makes the game more tense and exciting.

Dying Light (Rp 268.800 -> Rp 107.520)

Dying Light

Dying Light is the best open world zombie shooter game you can get right now. The gameplay is fantastic and can make you addicted. The story is written in depth and good. The graphics are very charming and well optimized.

The thing that makes this game unique is its parkour feature which allows you to go and climb whatever objects are in the game. You can jump from roof to roof, climb walls, attack enemies from the air, and much more. This feature gives players the freedom of movement they have never felt before. And most importantly, this game can be repeated and you will not feel bored.

Prey (Rp 400.000 -> Rp 200.000)


This game is housed in a large space station where you are part of an experiment. Unlike Doom, the gameplay is fast and full of action where you can run and shoot enemies without thinking. Prey's gameplay is a combination of survival, puzzle, stealth, and combat which is quite challenging.

Prey is more inclined towards RPG and shooter elements than to horror elements, but you will still feel tension when exploring Talos I and fighting against aliens in it. In performance, Prey has been optimized very well and can run without a lot of hassles on the PC.

Pretty cheap right ? You won't regret it if you choose those horror game. Steam Halloween Sale will end on November 1, so don't miss it!