After Bandai Namco announced Dragon Ball FighterZ last year and giving some chance for people to try the Open Beta sometime ago, now we arrived at the time to play this game. How exactly is Dragon Ball FighterZ able to hook their fans? Here is the Dragon Ball FighterZ Review by Guide Eater!

Cool, interesting, and awesome graphics

One thing that distinguish Dragon Ball FighterZ and other Dragon Ball is its all-out visual. By using 3D concepts displayed in 2D (also called 2.5D) players are presented with detailed fighting graphics. You can see it when every character releases its Super Attack, it feels fluid and not rigid.

In general, this game looks amazing. When you first start the game, you will be presented with all the characters that will appear in the game, there is no rigid movement there, the movement of every element of the game feels smooth and interesting. After that you will enter the game lobby, here the character will turn into “chibi”, maybe the first impression you will say is very “cute”. You can change what chibi characters you want to use and the color of the chibi. You can interact with the players around using dialogue that already provided from the game, or using stickers to reveal emotion to other players. Besides, you will see a smooth, though not so real but beautiful scenery, enough to decorate the game lobby.

Some of the storyline is also very sweet accompanied by conversations and scenes that support the story path. You can also give your own answers in some dialogues.

How does it look like when we enter Battle Mode? It’s very cool! With a blend of colors that fit, you can really feel the atmosphere of the battle. Each Super Attack used by the character is presented in detail and accompanied by the character sound effect. When doing a special move, there will be some dramatic scene that acts as a closer, very absorbing from the anime series. You can see when Goku pulls out Kamehameha and Gotenks do Super Volleyball Attack.

Background music presented by composers Toshiyuki, Kishi Hiromi, Mizutani Kenji, and Katoh Reno is very fitting for game with fighting genre. You will feel excited and get carried away by the “rock-fighting” music.

Very fun and addictive gameplay

DRAGON BALL FighterZ single-player and multiplayer modes is a 3v3 format battle where you can choose three different characters to fight enemies that also have three characters in their team (sometimes you only fight one character). To finish the fight, you must defeat all of the opponent members. Don’t worry, there will be a chance to switch the character in the middle of the fight, the characters you don’t play can charge up their health. You can also use team members to do assist that increase the damage on the opponent.

Ki-Charge can be used to perform Super Attack, each attack will fill one Ki-Charge bar. Ki-Charge can also be filled manually in the middle of the game by using a special key.

The simple combo buttons also make it easier for us to play. You only need to press two buttons to pull out the Super Attack and there’s a lot of opportunity to unleash combo-attacks. Players will have an easy time to memorize and master the special movements of each character. Players can turn Frieza into Golden Frieza by pressing down-left, and R2. And Goku’s Kamehameha  with down-right, and X. Even if your opponent is holding your attack back, you can use “Dragon Rush” to break your opponent’s defense and attack again. If the player performs Super Attack and makes the opponent lose, the player will be rewarded with “Destructive Finish”.

But as a fighter, it seems like players have to deal with the absence of an Invicibility Frame that gives players immunity after being attacked. You can do Super Attack in a row then switch to other character and after that do the attack again. So there is really no chance to block the attack. Maybe here players will be bullied by enemies with sadistic never ending attacks. All I can suggest is you have to really master all the techniques of each character to unleash the chain combo attack.

In story mode you will be exploring a map consisting of several enemies that you can choose to fight first with limited turns. As the story progresses, you can add more team members one by one until you meet the boss and move on to the next chapter. The story of each chapter will be different for each player depending on what step you take. This is what makes Dragon Ball FighterZ very addictive because it will made you curious of how the story will progress later.

At the time of the battle you will get some move tutorials that will guide your movement in fighting the enemies. As the story progress, you will have to face higher level enemy. In this case you have to level up to match the rank and power of the enemy. After the battle there will be rewards in form of skills that will support your next fight.

If you enter the game on online mode, you will enter the lobby automatically, you can also choose the lobby manually. There are some features in the Lobby like Information Reception to find out the latest news from the game, Ranking Reception to see the rank of all players based on Battle Point or Monthly Win. Replay Reception to look back at the battles you’ve saved before and to see a popular replay. Each player can save up to 100 fights, if it exceeds then one of the other replays will be erased, you should mark your favorite replay if you want to keep it. Shop is present if you want to try your luck with Z Capsule (loot box) and get various items or buy downloadable content.

Dragon Ball FighterZ provides a few game modes. Practice gives players the opportunity to practice first before doing actual fight. At Arena Match you can fight with other players but have to wait some time for players who want to join as well. On Ring Match you can manage how the battle starts from the number of players (up to 8 players), the duration of the game, and so forth. Local Battle is a mode that allows players to do a tournament or a regular battle with 3 to 16 players. If the player is less than 3, you can also play with the AI. World Match allows you to play with players around the world, there are several modes in here, ranked match and Casual Match if you just want a relaxed play.

Players can choose what character they want to in fight with Edit Team. Skill and strength will be the same on every player. So it’s the master of attack and techniques that will win. But you can’t change your team if your opponent wants to rematch, you will use the team you selected earlier. So if you lose to the opponent on the first match because of the difference in the strength of character and technique, chances are you will lose again.

This game doesn’t provide Friend List which allows players to add friends and invite friends to play together, you can only play with people in the lobby. You also have to wait for a while because not all players in the lobby want to fight and each lobby only contains 64 players. In addition there is a Quest List that you can fulfill and you will get Zeni Coin to shop. No needs to worry about the region you have chosen, players are welcome to change the desired region.

dragon ball fighterz review

After all the good things from Dragon Ball FighterZ, there is one very unfortunate problem, the network connection. The first thing I encountered in this game was the Disconected Network. When you want to do Arcade mode or World Match there is also a network problem from the game system itself. Even several times while battling with other players, bad connections cause the fight to completely stop. hopefully this is not a problem that will continue in the future.

Is Dragon Ball FighterZ worth it?

dragon ball fighterz review

After playing for days, Guide Eater strongly recommends you guys to play this cool game. Dragon Ball FighterZ is a very different game from the previous Dragon Ball, with its addictive Story Mode, its 2D and 3D graphics and sound that drowns you into the real Dragon Ball world, a fight that really tests your technical skills, as well as exciting interactions with other players. You will not regret having Dragon Ball FighterZ because this game will still be played anytime even in the future!


  • Perfect graphics, voice acting and character movement
  • Simple button for attacks and super attack
  • Easy language access for players
  • It’s fun


  • Unstable network


Reviewed on PlayStation 4, 26 Januari 2018

First Released

26 Januari 2018


PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Console


Bandai Namco Ent.


Arc System Works


Anime, Fighting

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