Dragon Ball Fighterz Not yet Released, Bandai Namco Announce Their New Game, Dragon Ball Z: X Keepers

Dragon Ball Z: X Keepers

After all the hype for Dragon Ball FighterZ that will be released this week, Bandai Namco out of nowhere uploaded a trailer for their new game, Dragon Ball Z: X Keepers. This game will be released this spring in Japan. The unique thing is that you can play this game on your browser online.

This game is pretty small and anyone can access the game by just using a browser. Dragon Ball Z: X Keepers also gives 4v4 game mode where you can use four characters alternately by simply clicking and resuming the game. You can work with your friends to defeat enemies, chat, exchange stuff and do microtransactions.

If you are interested, you can pre-order the game on their official page