Cold Iron Studios Is Working on New Alien Game


Great news for people who like shooting games and aliens. Cold Iron Studios who is employing talents that been working on games like Doom, Borderlands, BioShock Infinite, is in charge of developing new alien shooting game. It’s not the one with round eyes inside flying bicycle basket, it’s the one that lays their eggs inside your body.

It’s still unknown what type of shooter game it will end up with. Is it Alien: Isolation style horror? Or is it DOOM like action? One thing we know is going to have a strong online component. On an interview with gameindustry, Aaron Loeb said:

Cold Iron adds a whole dimension of game development and play to our arsenal: long play-session MMOs targeted to PC and console gamers. The kinds of games Cold Iron develops will enable us to deeply explore the worlds of our franchises, starting with the Alien universe

Craig Zinkievich, CEO of Cold Iron Studios tells that the team was more than happy to take on the new project.

It’s Aliens! We’re all excited to be working on such a storied franchise. To explore areas of the universe that fans haven’t gotten to experience, to put a game in that setting, is incredible. Having the full force of the world-class creatives, producers and business team at Fox behind the project allows us to take our plans to the next level

There is not much detail we can get about the game. So look for more info some time soon