Blizzard Reveal New Epic Skin for Five Overwatch Heroes


Its two days left until Overwatch’s content drop and Blizzard teases us with new Epic skin for five heroes.

Five heroes who will receive the new Epic skin are McCree, Reaper, Junkrat , Symmetra, and Zenyatta. Not much are changing if you compare Epic skins to the original skins, mostly they just add a few new accessories and standard recolor.

McCree’s new skin is blue with blue glow on his gun and vest, and a new marking on his robe. Reaper’s skin gives him a horned skull mask, lava colored details, and new marking on his cloak. Junkrat is now wearing a black shirt and holds a stronger looking explosive and wheel. Symmetra is looking like she’s wearing Asian traditional dress. And Zenyatta got a black and green color retouch giving him an alien like feel.

Blizzard already revealed three new legendary skins for Hanzo, Lúcio, and Pharah earlier in the week and potentially new legendary skin for D.Va in its spray reveal. All of the new sprays, emotes, and skins will launch alongside Overwatch’s new map, Blizzard World, on Jan. 23.