Bioware Anthem Delay to 2019 but New Battlefield Game is Coming in 2018


Anthem, an open world game that will be the mainstay of EA and Bioware to make up the disappointment of fans on EA and Bioware in their game Mass Effect Andromeda, Anthem Trailer was already in the released has reached more than 6M views and reached 94K likes.

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Anthem’s positive response, bringing great enthusiasm and hype from gamers whose in the ends put pressure on developers, perhaps out of fear that this game does not fit into its trailer and what it promises, Bioware and EA also agreed to postpone the release date for Anthem.

But what is speculated is disputed by Blake Jorgensen CFO of EA in which he says “people just want to make a rumor “.

For your information, in July, bioware general manager and director of Anthem resigned, and was replaced by a familiar figure for EA, maybe this also made Anthem’s game postponed.

But the info obtained from Polygon, Andrew Wilson, the EA Chief Executive said the delay did not happen because of the readiness of the Anthem game but it was only a matter of choosing the release date which EA usually release the game at the end of the year to beat other games to get the Game of The Year awards, but this time they shifted to early 2019.


Wilson also tells EA and Dice are making the latest Battlefield game that will release this year, which is the last time Battlefield game is released in the year in 2016 is Battlefield 1, where the game is a huge success, but Wilson was refused to provide info Furthermore.

Anthem fans please understand EA and Bioware and just pray that this game will deliver like it was in the trailer with no bugs or bad face animation.