Battlefield 1943 Coming to PC Through Mod!

Battlefield 1943

Battlefield 1943 is one of the great titles from the Battlefield series. Unfortunately, this game is only available on PS3 and Xbox 360. Previously this game has been planned to be released on PC but it was canceled to prioritize the development of Battlelfield 3.

Now you can try the Battlefield 1943 on PC. A modder tries to make a replica of this game as a whole starting from vehicles, weapons, and maps as closely as possible. Here is a little review of Batllefield 1943 PC

Battlefield 1943 Battlefield 1943 Battlefield 1943

There are many positive responses about this mod. The game is set in the Pacific War between the United States and the Japanese Empire during World War II with three classes from both the United States and Japanese sides. Not only that, the map also look exactly like the original Battlefield 1943 Coral Sea, Guadal Canal, Iwo Jima and Wake Island.

If you are interested to try the mod you can download it here However it should be noted that you must have a copy of Battlefield 2 to be able to run it.