Along with Map Updates, Fortnite Battle Royale Has Reached 40 Million Downloads


After the free release of Fortnite Battle Royale on PS4, Xbox One, and PC the number of players playing this game jumped significantly, until this moment it has reached more than 40 million players. Celebrating this, Epic Games really did an overhaul on the Battle Royale map.

Some new additions such as high rise buildings, underground mines, and improved visual areas make it look more real. Epic Games says that all this thanks to Level-Streaming on the Fortnite system.

“Level streaming is technology which uncaps us to be able to increase the variety and quality of the localised area you’re in at any given time. It’s great technology that is useful in Battle Royale but also in all of our Unreal Engine licenses.”

Fortnite Battle Royale

old version

Fortnite Battle Royale

new version

In the latest map we can see five new additional locations in the west including Tilted Towers which is the main and largest city. There are buildings that have six to seven floors and an underground network at the mine that allows for close-range combat.

Then there is the Shifty Shaft which is a underground mine that is a tight, dark corridor and there is a series of mines in it that will make the game more challenging.

“We now have a mountain region, a farm region, a swamp region, and the old grass look is in a smaller part of the map. It’s like night and day.” -Sidney Rauchberger, level designer

In addition to the two additional map above, the grass area in this game that had been just ordinary grasses converted into four biomes with grass in most of the center, farmland in the north, mountains along the west and swamps in the southeast.

If you’re curious you can jump straight into the game and see the great changes on the Battle Royale map for yourself and feel the experience playing with 40 million other players!