Activision Downgraded Over Destiny 2, “Destiny 2 is ‘not in a good place’”


You could say that this is almost the culmination of Destiny 2 problem lately. The things Bungie did to the players may be a bit bad and it disappoints many of their fans. Actually the main problem is that the players are not happy with the direction of this game. From faction Rally problem to cooldown on tokens. Previously, Bungie has responded to the complaints given by players through its official website.

“There has been a lot of feedback on some of the changes made to Faction Rallies in Season 2. I’d like to take a moment to list some of the larger topics. There is an ongoing process at Bungie to assess how we want to change Destiny 2 in the weeks to come, and your voice is a crucial part of it.

There was an issue in the previous Faction Rallies where players were earning hundreds of Faction Tokens per hour without firing a single shot. In the recent December 12 update, Faction Token rewards were added to an existing system that was locking players out from Lost Sector Rewards. We have heard player feedback that this solution was too disruptive. We’re looking at a change that won’t make players feel forced to run to and from a single chest for hours while also not placing a hard stop on enjoying Lost Sectors. We want to ensure that every time you open a chest there is loot inside. We’ll share more details on this before the next Faction Rallies.”

But Bungie’s apology seems to only make the players’ patience thinned. Even in the end players are deliberately trying to find evidence that there is indeed a problem in this game.

Responding to all the problems that still exist, yesterday, a Wall Street analyst stated that Destiny 2 “not in a good place”. Quoted from CNBC, Creutz, made a note “Destiny is Not a Good a Place.”

He points out four reasons why Destiny 2 is falling into this state:

  • “Design decisions were made that have made D2 a less engaging, and less distinctive, game than D1. In particular, key aspects of the D2 end game feel neutered compared to D1.”
  • “Microtransaction implementation, while not nearly as problematic as in Star Wars Battlefront 2, has still been a source of player unhappiness.”
  • “Bungie’s [the studio that developed the game] apparent urgency in responding to player feedback has been disappointing.”
  • “Until recently, Bungie did a poor job communicating its road map going forward, particularly compared to the more open stance of many other live service games.”

“While Call of Duty: WWII clearly had a great holiday, which likely sets up strong franchise live services revenue in 2018, Destiny 2 is struggling right now with player engagement appearing to be on the wane.”

Creutz also noted that Twitch viewership for the series is at a “franchise-low” with just 4,000 to 7,000 viewers last week, down from 14,000 to 17,000 for Destiny 1 just one year ago.

Destiny 2

“We do think Bungie still has some opportunity to fix the game’s problems over the next year and recapture engagement, but we’re not sure they have the ability to pull it off at this point,” adds Creutz. “We also note that Destiny currently has more serious competition in its genre from a refurbished Division and the indie title Warframe than it did three years ago, when D1 had its own share of player dissatisfaction.”

Actually between Activision and Bungie unconsciously destroys whatever it is in the game, it instead becomes a false promise from both parties and a very legible move by apologizing and giving more promises that ultimately drains players’ enthusiasm.

We can only hope that Bungie will soon give a certainty on this matter!