A lot of new player have been asking what hero should they pick in their first couple of games. There are hundreds of heroes to choose, all with their unique looks and abilities. While randoming a hero pick sound like a good idea, you don’t want to end up picking invoker or meepo and getting stomped by the enemy team because you don’t know how that heroes work. Getting stomped might ruin your first time experience playing Dota 2 and for some people a good first impression is very important. For now, new player should pick an easy hero and focus on learning the basics of the game. So here is a list of easy hero that new player can try on their game.

Phantom Assassin

If you are looking for a hero that can burst the enemy in a matter of seconds, Phantom Assassin is a great hero to start with. She is usually played as a carry on the safe lane or as a midlaner. She is well-known for her ability to one shot enemy with her critical strike. Her skills Stifling Dagger and Phantom Strike set makes it easy for her to chase the enemy. Her third skill Blur makes him disappear from the enemy mini map when she is far from enemy and gives him some evasion. With this skill you can move around the map without being detected by enemy wards. Her ultimate ability gives his normal attack a chance to do critical damage. Her ultimate synergize well with the item Desolator, that’s why you see a lot of people buying Desolator on Phantom Assassin. With just a few item she can start pressuring a lane, getting kills, and dominating the map.

Ogre Magi



This two headed ogre is great for new player who wants to play support role. He has plenty of armor and health regeneration on level 1 and has a great attributes gain on each level. In short, he is tanky. Playing a tanky support is more forgiving for beginner because they tend to get caught out of position and by being tanky they have better chance to survive a gank or a team fight. His ability is pretty straightforward. He can stun an enemy from a medium range. He can slow and damage enemy with Ignite. He can help the carry siege tower with speed buff. And his ultimate enables Ogre Magi to cast his spells multiple times with each use, while also granting his spells greater potency. His skill set is great and this makes him a hero that fits on many lineup.


Bristleback is a strength hero usually played as a tanker. His greatest strength come from his back. His passive ability makes him take less damage if hit on the sides or rear. On top of that, he releases a Quill Spray if he takes certain amount of damage from the rear. Quill Spray have a cumulative effect making him deadly the longer he stays alive in fights. His ultimate gives him bonus speed every time he cast a spell. This ability combined with Vicious Nasal Goo makes him an affective chaser when ganking an enemy.


Viper is considered as one of the best lane dominator in the game. The green flying poison, it’s easy to play but annoying to dealt with. He is a ranged hero, tanky, and have a potential to deal huge amount of damage. What makes this hero great for beginner is his simple ability and playstyle. Poison Attack plus Nethertoxin is a deadly combination to harass the enemy out of the lane and Corrosive Skin damage any enemy that hit Viper. He is very flexible in term of laning position. You can put him on the mid lane, you can run him on the safe lane, you can even put him on the offlane and win 1 vs 3.

Wraith King

What’s unique about this hero is that he is the only hero in Dota 2 that have 1 active skill. If you just started playing MOBA Wraith King might be a suitable hero for you. He usually start the game as a safe lane carry. If you got pressured on the lane you can hit the jungle and clean the creeps easily thanks to his passive lifesteal aura and critical damage. But you should only go to jungle as a last resort because jungling weaken your team early game. His only active skill is a stun with low cooldown. His ultimate ability Reincarnation can bring you back from the dead. Many beginner have a problem with positioning on the team fight. It might benefit the team If he dies early on the team fight. He can reincarnate and rejoin the fight with an advantage because most of the enemy spells are on cooldown.